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8. leaky remnants   

fractured and flexible time

microbes, dwelling on fruit                                      once on a ship’s hull for almost a century (or)
                                                                           in this evening’s rain causing its earthy scent (or)
                                                                         two miles underground in a radioactive gold mine

pre / post anthropocenic matter—disrupted yet always unfolding, ALWAYS BECOMING

thriving in extremities, a rhythmic annihilation (a COUNTER-ANNIHILATION)  

the weight of days felt through the decaying skin of things / like the last agitated casting of goods overboard in order to save a sinking vessel  

a rotting substance choreographing its way through time; 
time choreographing its way through a rotting substance

an embodiment of a forever passing—never past—lines of microbes both present an absent in the fruit’s (current) now